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Vastu Tips
  • Entrance :
Vastu Shastra has great importance for entrance door in a home, as this is the place from where energies, either positive or negative, enter and exit a house. Having said this, it is obvious that if more negative energies are entering a home from main door then people in the house will not prosper. On the other hand if more positive energy is entering a home then the residents will prosper.
  • Effect of Directions:
  1. North: If you want to locate the entrance door in North wall of a home, then make sure the door is in North-East section of North wall. The reason for this is to allow morning sun (UV Rays for purification),fresh light and air to enter the home from East. Also keep the door towards center of wall (not exactly at center) and locate a window near North-East corner.
  2. South: If you want to locate entrance of a home in South wall, then locating the door towards South-East is auspicious; avoid having the door at center or South-West portion of wall. For all houses having main door in South direction, it’s must to have another door in North direction also.
  3. East: To locate main entrance door in East wall, vastu suggests keeping it in North-East part
  4. West: North-West half of West wall is more suitable for main entrance as per vastu.
The below diagram helps you identify best locations for entrance door for a house as per vastu shastra.

  • Bed Room :
Bedroom is the place where you dream. It’s a room which takes up all your stresses and gives you soundless sleep for a positive and energizing morning. Sleeping takes up approximately one third part of your life. A bedroom designed in accordance with the Vastu principles will take care about this one third part of your life.

The list provided below are the vital points that need to be considered while setting up the Bedroom.

1.Ideal location :
  • The ideal location of a master bedroom is in South, South-West.
  • The ideal location of Children’s bedroom is in East or West side.
  • The ideal location for a guest bedroom is in North-West side.
  • Basically the shape of the bedroom should be rectangle or square.
2. Sleeping direction :
  • Head in North: bad dreams, ill health and improper sleep.
  • Head in South: Soundless sleep, improves health.
  • Head in West: bad health
  • Head in East: gain of knowledge
3. Bedroom door and windows :
  • The doors should be placed in the East, West or North but not in South-West.
  • The doors should at least open 90 degrees so as to allow all the opportunities in your life.
  • The larger window should be in the North or East and the smaller windows should be in the west.
4. Miscellaneous arrangements :
  • Dressing Table: Dressing table should be placed in east or north.
  • Wardrobes: Wardrobes should be arranged in North-West or South-West.
  • TV: Television sets should be avoided in bedroom.
  • Study Table: Study table should face East, North or North-East.
  • Idols of God: One should not place any religious material in the bed room as it would be disrespectful if one lies down on his bed pointing his legs towards it.
  • Mirror: Don’t place your bedroom mirror on the wall opposite your bed, as it disturbs sleep. At such a position, the mirror reflects your image and holds back your stress, rather than allowing you to throw it off.
  • Photographs or Portraits: The first thing that you see when you enter your bedroom should give you the feeling of peacefulness and serenity. Such feelings can be enhanced by a photograph, inspiring quote, painting, sculpture or even flowers. Locate these things at such a place that the moment you enter your bedroom, your gaze falls on them.
5. Colors of bedrooms :
  • The wall colors of bedroom can be off white, light rose, pastel shades of blue and green, or gray.

  • Kitchen:
Kitchen is that segment of the house which can be considered as the source for the health and wellbeing of the inmates of the house. When it comes to kitchen, Vastu takes into consideration some essential determinants which include proper location of the kitchen, direction and placement of doors and windows, placement of cooking gas, gas cylinder, sink, refrigerator and other electronic gadgets.
The list provided below are the vital points that need to be considered while setting up the kitchen.
  1. Ideal Location:
    The ideal place for the location of kitchen is the southeast corner. An alternative choice can be the northwest corner of the house. The South-East direction is opted as the best position for kitchen because the Element Fire governs in the direction South-east.
  2. Cooking Stove:
    The cooking gas or stove should be placed at the South-East direction so that the person who is cooking should face towards the east only.
  3. Sink:
    Taps and sinks should be kept in the North-East direction away from the cooking range as fire and water repel each other.
  4. Refrigerator:
    Refrigerator if placed in the kitchen then it should not be kept in the North-Eastern direction. It must be placed in the South-Western direction and a foot away from the corner.
  5. Windows and Exhaust Fan:
    There should be one or two windows or air holes in the east direction of the kitchen. Larger windows in the kitchen should be in Eastern side while small ventilators should be placed in South. An exhaust fan in the East is good.
  6. Other Electrical Appliances:
    Heaters, conventional ovens, micro-waves ovens should be placed in south-east or south side of the kitchen; never in north-east portion.
  7. Storage:
    The storage for all the food grains, utensils, the over head “almirah” should always be on the Southern and the western walls and not on the Northern and the Eastern walls.
  8. Drinking Water:
    The water source including pitcher, water filter, etc. may be kept in north-east.
  9. Flooring of the Kitchen:
    Some of the best choices for kitchen flooring are Ceramic tiles, mosaic and marble. Ceramic tiles are commonly opted as it is impermeable, hard and scratch resistant.
  10. Color Scheme:
    The color of floor and walls should be green, yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red. It should not be black as far as possible.
The kitchen must never be placed below the bathroom or toilet. Even the kitchen should never share a common wall with the bathroom or toilet.

  • Living Room:
Living room is a place where we spend most of our time relaxing and soothing ourselves. One of the common sources of entertainment which is television is also nowadays placed in the living room itself. It is place where all the members of a family congregate at least once in a day. So the Vastu considerations for a living room are to be strictly followed for the better understanding and positive vibrations of the family members.
The list provided below are the vital points that need to be considered while setting up the Living Room.
1. Ideal location :
  • As the Living room should be near the entrance, the location of a Living room is based on the direction the house faces:
  • In a North facing site: The Living room can be in the North-East.
  • In a West facing site: The Living room can be in the North-West.
  • In a South facing site: One can have a South-East Living room.
2. Placing of other things :
  • Furniture should be placed most probably in west or south direction. It should be square or rectangular not in oval, circular or any other odd shape.
  • TV should be placed in South-East direction.
  • Air-conditioners should be placed on the west walls or north walls
  • Telephones should be placed in the South-West direction.
  • Aquariums can be placed in the North East and North-East of living room direction.
  • Paintings of water wall or a rising sun can inherit positive energy into the room.
3. Doors and Wimdows :
  • The door of living room should be in east or north direction because doors are very auspicious in these directions
  • Windows in east and north are beneficial.
  • Above the entrance doors photographs of deities should not be placed. Only one photograph or tile painting of Lord Ganesha should be placed above the entrance door on the outer sides.
4.Colors of living room :
  • The colors in the living room can be blue, white yellow or green. Avoid black and red color in living room.
  • The head of the family should always be seated in the South-Western corner of the living room facing north or east.
  • The seating of guest must be in the South-West or North-West direction so that they face west or south.

  • Bathroom:

  1. Bathrooms can be on the west or north west sides of the building, but not on the eastern or north eastern sides. The toilet room should also not be located on the south east, the south west, or in the center of the building.
  2. The morning sun falling on the body after bathing is good, so windows should be set in the north or east sides of the room.
  3. Ideally, toilets should face south, not east or west (in the direction of the sun). The toilet should be located on the west or northwest side of the room and should be built 30–60cm (1 or 2 feet) above the ground. An attached bathroom should be on the west or northwest side of a room, never on the northeast side.
  4. Sinks should be placed on the northeast, north, or east sides of the room. Bathtubs should be located on the northeast, west, or east sides.
  5. Bathroom walls should be painted white, sky blue, or another light shade. Do not use black or dark red.Water should leave the bathroom from the east or northeast side. Water should not leave from the southwest or southeast directions. The overhead septic tank should be on the northwest side of the house.